Be a part this extraordinary group of people gathering on the land and online in our Community Garden. Together we will bring forth the tools to be regenerative. Your support helps us to get closer to sharing our story and focusing our energy 100% on restoring this land.

Your contribution will help us to cover the costs of our gatherings and infrastructure. It will keep this community garden free and open to all who join us in the garden.

For the last decade we have been sharing this space with the community here in southern, MN and throughout that time have realized, this is our calling. We have witnessed the ways that it touches the hearts of people and brings them closer to the land and each other. So, help us stay focused and commit our lives to this movement with your monthly contributions. As we gain support, our capacity to share our story will grow as well and we look forward to engaging with you in this online community garden as well as on the land.

Thank You,

Your Friends at the OGC!



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Join our online community garden and help us continue to empower others to live regenerative lifestyles.

We will share our story with you, and through our videos and interactions you will learn from and grow with us. Your membership will help us build our homestead dreams and share that vision with the world.

This story of regeneration is your story, take this opportunity to grow with us.  Join us online and in the garden. By becoming a member you will get access to our exclusive online member site, where you will be invited to share in our story, learn from us and be a part of guiding us along this journey. Consider yourself an official community garden member. Welcome to your farm! Your presence in the garden during our Sunday Garden Gatherings and special events, although not required, will be crucial to our success. Together we will work toward living regeneratively and sharing these tools with the next generation.

Members also receive:
  • 20% Off On-Farm Events
  • 20% Off Merchandise
  • Exclusive Members Only Content
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Empower the Next Generation

Make sure that the youth have access to a future where good, healthy food and a strong relationship with the earth exists. We open our farm up to schools and youth programs every summer and with our growing membership we can afford to provide more experiences online and in the garden.

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Witness the Growth

We have watched this garden grow for nearly a decade and the story is only getting more and more beautiful. Join us as we actively regenerate this land we lovingly call the Organic Compound. The bigger our membership gets the more impact we can have on the land and in the community, both online and in person.

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Circle Up

Through our farm and media platform we have gathered some of the greatest minds in this regenerative movement. Returning to the land and building our relationship with each other is our story. Join us in the garden and become a part of that story. Support us online and share that story with the world.

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The Power of Story

Together with my friends and family we have planted thousands of trees and shrubs where there once was a degenerative monoculture. Now we get to watch it grow and in order to share that message with the world I need to be able to tend to that story. The story of this farm, this community and the potential that we all have to think local and think regeneratively is the impact we will be known for.

Check out my story in this video and imagine the potential for what comes next for the Organic Compound.

-Wil Crombie, Organic Compound Founder

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