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Halfway to Harmony

Saturday & Sunday June 15th-16th



⚡️11am Gates Open
🌎12:30pm Opening Circle

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💦5:30-6:00pm Prayer for Regeneration

🌰6:15pm Family Dinner

🔥7pm Fire & Music


✨9–10am Breakfast
✨10am Opening Circle
✨10:30-1pm Garden projects & kids play
✨1-2pm Lunch
✨2-3pm Closing Circle/Clean Up

About the Sessions & Presenters

 🌀Paige Haber
“Intro to Thai Yoga Bodywork: Summer Edition”

In this hands-on (a feet too!) workshop, learn and experience Thai Yoga Bodywork. This modality includes acupressure, gentle movement and passive stretching. Bring a yoga mat and a friend or make one! We will be sharing techniques that are great for summertime activities like gardening, being outside and road trips.

🌀Megan & Cody Mastel
“Walk on the Wild Side”

Come take a walk on the wild side, learning from the plants, trees and fungi growing among us. We’ll deepen relationship with our wild kin, using our senses and pattern language as we learn to identify and work with the medicine our living world has to offer. Perhaps we will enjoy some edible delights; you never know what we may stumble upon!

🌀Daniel Zetah
“How to withdraw consent from an ecocidal system and live a more meaningful and sovereign existence”

Find your points of intervention to create positive change in your own life and help bring about the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. Help our culture rebuild mutual aid, resiliency, community and self determination. Stop feeding the corporate parasites that have captured much of our economy, ecology and democracy.

🌀Danny Gleason & Ryan Ronchak
“Spagyrics & Oxymel Workshop”

We plan for a workshop style class on methods, preparations, uses and benefits for oxymel and spagyrics extractions. We will have samples of some goldenrod spagyrics. Also will bring some oxymels to try from stuff we foraged on the land. It will be fun and inspiring.

🌀Amber LaBancz
“Simple tools to create a space for raising our frequency, in community, and in turn the greater collective”

We are all entangled; all plants, animals, humans, the earth. The health, the vibration and frequency, of each individual and group of people matters and has the power to affect change in the greater consciousness. In the spirit of the Maharishi Effect, we will use this hour in community to intentionally raise the frequency and coherence of the group, which further extends outward into the greater field, using a variety of movement, stillness, touch, breath, beat, and intention.

🌀Ryan Franke
“Growing the Almond Mushroom - A Hands-on Workshop in the Science of Edible Mushroom Cultivation.”

During this workshop we will inoculate compost with the delicious edible Almond Agaricus mushroom. Factors that determine successful cultivation will be discussed in-depth: site location, preparation of the growth medium (compost), selection of mushroom spawn, regulation of temperature and moisture during the colonization and fruiting phases. After the workshop, you will be prepared to successfully cultivate this mushroom in your own garden.

✨ Ryan began growing mushrooms as a hobbyist in 2017. His dedication to mycology grew and during the summer of 2020 he ran an 18-week strictly mushroom CSA. Currently, Ryan is a graduate research assistant in the forest pathology laboratory at the University of Minnesota studying fungal biocontrol of invasive buckthorn.

🌀Karri Tidwell
“Class Title: Revitalize Your Health: An Introduction to Regenerative Wellness”

Gain the knowledge and tools to create a personalized plan for vibrant health and a more balanced life.

🌀Rebekah Dawn Sheehy
“Introduction Conversation to INNATE Postpartum Care: Planning for the Fourth Trimester Community Education Course”

We will discuss the 5 cross-cultural prescriptions for postpartum wellness and how COMMUNITY is the foundation for each of these 4 pillars to stand on. This is an introduction to a class series designed for pregnant mothers and families to come together for postpartum care education, preparation and to build community. This intro class is for everyone! Let’s remember together what is truly needed for mothers, babies, families and communities to thrive, not just survive, according to our physiologic design as humans. In honor of thriving life.

“Supporting Mothers supports healthy and empowered families, which supports thriving communities, which supports all of humanity.”  

-Rachelle Seliga Garcia of Innate Traditions

✨Rebekah Dawn is a mother, wife, cook, herbalist, birth keeper, postpartum doula, and creator of Center the Mother - Postpartum Care & Meal Services. She is an Innate Postpartum Care - Certified Practitioner and a Certified Holistic Birth Doula through The Matrona. Also trained in physiologic baby care with Innate Traditions, she focuses on supporting families holistically with nurturance and nourishment throughout the childbearing continuum. The mission of Center the Mother is to provide loving care of families through connection, community building, education, rites of passage ceremony, nourishing meals, and virtual or in person general support and consultation.

🌀Matthew Portwood
“The practice: practical ways to direct energy with intention.”

🌀Andy & Andrea Hansen
“Be Fearless & Play”

Tap into and embody play. Good, silly fun. There’s only one rule: If you’re here, you’re playing. Expect a kids play parachute, duck, duck, grey duck, bubbles, laughter, thrills, tag, dad jokes, and more.

🌀Amy Royce
“Harmony Keepsake Moments: Create & Remember”

Join the Royce family in creating a gift of appreciation for the land. Create your own page in the book filled with memories from the beginning, to us here today & leaving space for the future to come.

“Stories in Motion”

Join us in a fun and active storytime adventure!  Stories in Motion blends stories with various exercises and mindfulness practices.  Children will also be able to participate in telling and creating stories together.  All ages welcome!

Garden Gathering

Sunday July 21st



Chances R Good Live in the Garden

Saturday August 17th



Garden Gathering

Sunday August 18th





September 6th-8th

Friends and family, we warmly welcome you to join us as we bring in this year’s beautiful Hazelnut harvest. We will be gathering for a full weekend of community work harvesting the fields, and giving thanks for another season together.
We will be harvesting Friday, Saturday and Sunday with yummy garden meals, camp fires and good times! Please bring what you need to be comfortable - water bottle, sun hat, comfy work shoes, extra snacks, etc.
All are welcome! This is an opportunity to experience the farm, support the hazelnut harvest and enjoy a weekend together. Feel free to come for a day or even just for an hour. You can help pick, tend the fire, sing a song or generally interact with this event in whatever way inspires you. This is community building. This is next level community gardening. This is reconnecting with our roots and this perennial way of life. Don't miss out!
✨Friday, Sept. 6th
8:30-10 breakfast/circle up
10-2 harvest
2-3:30 lunch
3:30-6:30 harvest
6:30-7:30 dinner
7:30 community fire
✨Saturday, Sept. 7th
8:30-10 breakfast/circle up
10-2 harvest
2-3:30 lunch
3:30-6:30 harvest
6:30-7:30 dinner
7:30 community fire
✨Sunday, Sept. 8th
8:30-10 breakfast/circle up
10-2 harvest
2-3:00 lunch
3:00 closing circle

Clean River Tree Planting

Saturday October 19th



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We look forward to seeing you in the garden.

Join us for one of our Sunday garden gatherings or special events.

Become a Community Garden Member and also join us for our members dinner at the end of every growing season.



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