Organic Compound
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What started as a small communal garden has transformed into a thriving farm and homestead centered around regenerative living. The seed was planted when our founder Wil Crombie started tending the homestead where he was raised. By 2012 the land got its name and the Organic Compound was established. Friends began gathering and started a small garden in the yard, laying the groundwork for this seed to grow. Each year since has been filled with it’s own milestones of reclamation, transformation and deep connection. By 2014 the group had outgrown the garden and expanded to a 3.14 acre slice of pie, where we began implementing permaculture practices and exploring all that the land had to offer. As the community grew, Carly became another founding member - managing the annual gardens, organizing the events and weaving the web of community. Through beekeeping, saw milling, hide tanning, deep mulch gardening, water and land management, composting and food preservation we were able to catalyze our love for this regenerative lifestyle. These first few years really gave us enough depth and stability to establish our roots and commit to a perennial future.

The next layer of work began in 2016 when Tree-Range® Farms was born, a food business and network of farmers raising Tree-Range® Chicken. Trusting in the momentum of this work, our family land became the first commercial scale site for this regenerative brand. This partnership was established with the vision of empowering small farmers to positively impact the food system, while building the health of their farmland and creating truly regenerative food products. For the people gathering at the Organic Compound, this new endeavor greatly magnetized the purpose, beauty and potential impact of our work. Over the next four years we transformed 40 acres of conventionally farmed cropland into a thriving ecosystem full of diversity. Together we planted over 20,000 trees and shrubs and began integrating animals along with perennial and annual alley crops - returning natural cycles to the once barren landscape. Our restoration work had begun. 

In the years following it’s conception the Organic Compound has become a true testament to what can happen when a community comes together around shared values. In 2017 Carly and Wil purchased the homestead and continue to gather with friends and family to co create this regenerative vision every season. With your support we have been able to host countless events, work with local schools, improve our on-farm infrastructure and bring healthy food to our communities. In 2019 the 40 acres of agroforestry became certified organic and the homestead became solar powered. We are dedicated to restoring our relationship with this land, this community and ourselves. Thank you so much for being a part of the Organic Compound.

From a Garden to a Regenerative Revolution

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Land Stewardship

At the Organic Compound, we support a vision of a healthy people and planet. With the help of our community we have transformed what was once a barren landscape back to a diverse permaculture farm and garden. Our farm practices include integrated agroforestry systems, composting, no-till gardening, seed saving, deep mulching, livestock management, cover cropping, contour farming and focusing on restoring natural water cycles and building soil.

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We are reclaiming our ability to create and produce in order to provide for our lives, in ways that are in harmony with the natural world. Creative approaches to regenerative living can be found in the garden, in the food we cook, the tools we use and in all of the ways in which we craft our lives. It is more important now than ever to become the designers, engineers and crafts people we once were to fully experience our potential as humans.

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Community Building

The core of our foundation lies within the strength of our community. We gather on the land to explore our shared values - to witness, to awaken and to activate. With a sense of openness and inclusivity we uplift and empower one another to get closer to the earth. By identifying our strengths and highlighting each others gifts and passions we cultivate a sense of purpose within the collective. Finding ways together to nourish, develop and share practices for a thriving planet.

Want to join us in the garden? We host Sunday garden gatherings twice a month, along with other special events and tours. These are the days that we gather to eat, work, and play. Come spend time with us, as we weave together community and land stewardship.


Support the Regeneration!

Give monthly and join our growing collective of empowered leaders working toward regeneration. As an Organic Compound Community Garden member, your monthly donations keep us gathering on the land and continually planting more, growing more and sharing more.

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