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Organic Compound

Empowering Leaders for a Regenerative Future

on our Farm and Homestead

We strive to create a healthy planet where all life can thrive, and we embody these principals on our homestead every day.

Through our on-farm events, garden gatherings and online membership we share this joy.

We are uplifted by a life of land stewardship, creativity and community building.

Our Journey into Regeneration

Started here...


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Find Out What Happened Next

Regeneration starts with a conversation.

So we asked the question "What is Regenerative?"


"The Organic Compound has been such a wonderful source of inspiration in my Life. For the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time working & creating on this wonderful piece of land."



“I am so grateful to the Organic Compound, for its ability to transmute my ecological anxieties into hope, connection and empowerment.”



“My happy place. The place where I am welcomed with open arms, where conversations lead to inspired action and where regeneration meets our lives and the landscape. Organic compound is simply a group of the most compassionate people I know, devoted to living healthy lifestyles in harmony with natures design. 



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