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How My Story is Helping Us to Build Our Homesteading Dreams


My name is Wil Crombie.

I’m a filmmaker, graphic designer and digital marketer.

I believe in the power of storytelling.

This is my story. I harness the power of the digital realms to paint a picture of a sustainable future, regenerative ecosystems, and the potential for a healthy planet and thriving people. I do this work for businesses and nonprofits. I share their stories of hope for a brighter future.

I’m also a farmer, a regenerative farmer. The kind that plants trees, tends to bees and lets the animals run free. Well, that’s the dream job anyways.

I spend so much time tending to the fires of the digital realms that often I don’t get to tend to my family's land. It’s an honor to do the work that I do. I get to help spread positive messages for people doing great work in the world. I tell their stories. I travel to their sites and promote their good works. My camera takes me places and the people I document are inspiring. I don’t take this role lightly.

This often means that my own projects take the back seat. It really pains me that my farm doesn’t receive the attention that it needs. That my story goes untold. I know that there is power in the lessons I am learning. I know that what my friends and family have been creating has the potential to inspire the world. The next generation needs leaders and storytellers. They need to be aware of projects like this. They need to know that it’s possible to be a regenerative farmer - to plant trees again, let animals run free and let nature be wild. Because farming is cool, especially when you are reforesting the land, getting animals out of confinement, contributing to local economies and regenerating your community. You see, that’s what I’m all about. Together with my friends and family we have planted thousands of trees and shrubs where there once was a destructive monoculture. Now we get to watch it grow and in order to share that message with the world I need to be able to tend to that story. The story of this farm, this community and the potential that we all have to think local and think regeneratively.

My dream job is to be a farmer, to plant seeds of hope for a regenerative future through sharing my story. I think I’ve landed that job and I believe you can too. With the faith that the earth will provide and my community will support me I venture out to getting closer and closer to the land each day. Thanks for following my story.


-Wil Crombie

Founder - Organic Compound



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